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Section 'About'

This is an example of "one page" web application with PHP on server side and combination of latest HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript/ES6 on client side.
Everything written from scratch ©.
Pure code without any Frameworks yet (just because it was started as simple page).

JavaScript functionality written as Class based Object.

Included Features:

  1. CSS Menu in fixed position.
    1. Logo menu (BTW, it is SVG with CSS animation applied) contain some info that I'm still working on.
    2. 'Profile' menu all about my resume and LinkedIn profile.
    3. 'Projects' menu will contain more detail description of the projects that I have been working on.
    4. 'DevEnv' menu will include description of my development environment and tools I've been using.
    5. Last Right element of menu provide visitors GeoLocation based on IP address via at least two GeoLocation APIs. Request happened server-to-server and respond as JSON. Then I json_decode() it into PHP object.
  2. Click on each menu activate related section and deactivate the rest.
  3. ...